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Meet the Team

Adrian Hallgarth

Adrian has been a professional falconer for the majority of his life. His knowledge, as you might imagine, is unparalleled when it comes to the subject of Falconry. He has trained, flown and bred literally hundreds of birds of prey from around the world and is responsible for the behavior and performance of every bird you will encounter on your special day with us. A natural entertainer, he is sure to make your visit light-hearted, fun, educational and altogether unforgettable!


Dan Bowater

Dan is from New Zealand where falconry is not widely practiced and has little history, a qualified biologist and avid rugby player he is here for a 2 year sabbatical to take learn his 1st love of falconry and take it back to his native home and pass on the knowledge to others.


Colin Greenhill

Colin is our more mature instructor, coming to falconry later in life after a successful career in the Oil industry. Colin is our Fountain of Ornithological Knowledge. Having a passion for birds from an early age he is now able to indulge his passion. Ever wondered which wild bird makes that noise and why? Colin is your man!


Fay and Ava

Or, as we sometimes  call them, "Gentle and Mental”!  Our team of well trained and eager German Shorthaired Pointers will be your welcome companions on every hunting trip. Without them, there would be "no point”... quite literally!