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Novembers News

The hunting season is well under way and this year’s hunting team are breaking all records! .

Our 2012 Harris team are getting fitter and more experienced and coupled with the fact that our ground has never played host to so much wild game, we are experiencing record bags on the hunting days. In addition to our eager team of Harris Hawks we are also flying one of our young peregrines this season at the abundant number of Pheasant and Ducks. The sight of a Peregrine in full stoop is one of nature’s most impressive spectacles and our customers have been wowed by this devastating predator in action. No hunt would be complete without the assistance of our eager team of German Short Haired Pointers and Both Fay and Ash have been joined by a naughty new arrival.

Ava is the latest member of our canine crew, and whilst still way too young to join in on our daily hunts, she makes a very welcoming sight to all of our guests. Nothing quite says welcome like a wet nosed, excitable puppy greeting you on arrival!